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Can Storytelling Prevent Gun Violence?
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As featured on NPR's Morning Edition

NPR’s Neda Ulaby reported on BLR‘s 20th Anniversary, featuring BLR Editor Danielle Ofri, along with author Celeste Ng. Long before Celeste Ng reached stratospheric popularity with Everything I Never Told You and Little Fires Everywhere, she was a an emerging author, whose story “Girls, at Play” appeared in BLR and then won a Pushcart Prize.

BLR Off the Page



My husband has been into town./
I can smell the out of doors/
in his hair, on his cheek


Within the body—
a ghost

Off The Page: In Memoriam, Fanny Imlay (1794-1816)

Ingeborg Riedmaier reads “In Memoriam, Fanny Imlay (1794-1816),” a poem by Jason Schneiderman

The Rules of Surgery

1. Eat When You Can. Sleep When You Can./
With the pad of my finger I collect crumb/
after crumb like a hopeful, disappearing braille.

The Wedding Photographer’s Assistant

“Dina,” she said, “you’re the least romantic person I know.  For you to be a wedding photographer is too hilarious to pass up.”

The Great Imitator

I am a disease. My very existence poisons my father’s life.

The Family Farm

It didn’t feel wrong because I chose to do it. When I was home from university, I continued in this way, carrying a sharpened coal shovel and leather gloves, or my mother’s .22 Ruger handgun.

You’re Home Now

Earl was always chasing pussy when he was alive, so it was no big surprise when he came back as a weiner dog.

Book Review: Poetry Roundup

Sometimes, however, the poetry in a first book leaps fully formed like Athena from Hera’s (no, not Zeus’s) head. In any case, a first book, like any beginning, is something to celebrate.

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