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BLR BookTalk with Sarah Ruhl

“Ten years ago, my smile walked off my face, and wandered out in the world. This is the story of my asking it to come back. This is a story of how I learned to make my way when my body stopped obeying my heart.”

BLR BookTalk with Jasmine Brown

Black women physicians’ stories have gone untold for far too long, leaving gaping holes in American medical history, in women’s history, and in black history. It’s time to set the record straight.

2023 BLR Prize Winners

Meet the Winners and Honorable Mentions of the 2023 BLR Literary Prizes.

BLR Benefit: The Power of the Pen

Bellevue Literary Review (BLR) is celebrating the Power of the Pen on December 6, 2022, Join…

2022 Pushcart Prize Nominees

BLR is delighted to announce our 2022 Pushcart Prize Nominees.

BLR Fall Reading: Writers on Recovery

Meet the writers and editors behind BLR’s Issue 43 on ‘Recovery,’ with brand-new fiction, nonfiction, and poetry…

Edward Hirsch at The Center for Fiction

Edward Hirsch in conversation with BLR poetry editor Sarah M. Sala about Hirsch’s acclaimed new book, The Heart of American Poetry. 7:00…

COVID and the Creative Process

Bellevue Literary Review and the Brooklyn Book Festival are collaborating on a special event, “COVID and the…

BLR Awarded 2022 Amazon Literary Partnership Grant

The Community of Literary Magazine and Presses (CLMP) today announced that Bellevue Literary Review is…