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BLR takes pride in creating events outside the publication. Gathering readers, writers, poets, and artists to talk about specific topics allows the BLR to come to life. We have a wide range of events that can be viewed online as well.

Off The Page: Covid Writing Goes Viral

A conversation with Abraham Verghese, Eric Topol & Danielle Ofri about how literary & social media writing became a lifeline during the pandemic.

Interview: Nina Adel

Almost all of my work takes place in the realm of the hybrid… I myself am just a regular person and artist who finds rules very difficult to adhere to.

Off The Page: Why Doctors Write

An award-winning documentary about finding humanity in medicine.

Off The Page: In Memoriam, Fanny Imlay (1794-1816)

Ingeborg Riedmaier reads “In Memoriam, Fanny Imlay (1794-1816),” a poem by Jason Schneiderman

Off The Page: Quinque Cordibus Vestris

Nksoi Nkululeko reads “Quinque Cordibus Vestris,”a poem by Gina Ferrari

Off The Page: Her Marked Black Body

Nksoi Nkululeko reads “Her Marked Black Body,” a poem by Cynthia Parker-Ohene