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BLR takes pride in creating events outside the publication. Gathering readers, writers, poets, and artists to talk about specific topics allows the BLR to come to life. We have a wide range of events that can be viewed online as well.

Off The Page: The Barn

Jason Schneiderman reads “The Barn,” a poem by Thomas March

Off The Page: Perlmutter Cancer Center

Deven Kolluri reads “Perlmutter Cancer Center,”a poem by Abba Belgrave

Off The Page: The Emperor of Blue Stone

Erin Cherry reads “The Emperor of Blue Stone,” a story by Frances Park


Nursing & Writing Roundtable: Part I

The intersect of poetry and nursing has always fascinated me. Though I now identify more as a writer than a nurse, the skills I learned in nursing school have served me well as a writer


Writing and the Environment

Thinking like a scientist will lend authenticity to your depiction of the natural world.

Off The Page: Her Marked Black Body

Nksoi Nkululeko reads “Her Marked Black Body,” a poem by Cynthia Parker-Ohene