Can Storytelling Prevent Gun Violence?

Bellevue Literary Review and the Northwell Health Center for Gun Violence Prevention are collaborating on a special event, “Can Storytelling Prevent Gun Violence?

Join us on Tuesday Sept 20 at 7 pm for a poetry/art/story jam and conversation. Moderated by Poet GoldToni Jensen, Dr. Danielle OfriDr. Chethan Sathya

We invite your creative contributions — poetry, prose, art, video — on your experiences with or thoughts about gun violence. All submissions will be considered for inclusion in our September 20th event and/or featured on our website.

  • Have you experienced or witnessed gun violence?
  • Has your community been impacted by gun violence?
  • How can stories prevent or reduce gun violence? 
  • How do you imagine a world without gun violence?
  • How can we encourage the next generation to move towards real change?

Creative interpretation is encouraged!

Submit your work until July 22 to be considered for part of the program.