BLR Benefit

Bellevue Literary Review recently celebrated The Power of the Pen: How Writing Can Transform Healing. You can watch the video (above) and see what all the excitement’s about. You’ll get to meet the full gamut of the BLR friends, both 2-legged and 4-legged! 
This year’s benefit featured Kali Fajardo-Anstine and Lilliam Rivera, whose writing careers soared since their BLR publications. We also welcome dMarie Myung-Ok Lee and Edgar Gomez, judges for the upcoming BLR Literary Prizes. All four authors shared their newest books with us.
Don’t miss conversations with Edward Hirsch and Mark Vonnegut, plus a studio visit with Lauriston Avery, whose art graces the cover of BLR’s most recent issue. BLR’s benefit featured doctors, nurses and writers who use their pen to grapple with healing for their patients and for themselves–Louise Aronson, Theresa Brown, and Ofole Mgbako, plus artist Michael Natter.  
These past few years have brought human vulnerability to the forefront of our collective conscience and a recognition that the human spirit needs as much tending as the human body. For more than twenty years, BLR has been uniquely positioned at the nexus of healthcare and the arts—publishing fiction, poetry, and nonfiction about health, illness, and healing.  
Hosted by BLR editors Danielle Ofri  and Saleem Hue Penny. Special appearances from The Dogs of BLR (and maybe a guinea pig…)


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“No human thing is more universal than illness, in all its permutations, and no literary publication holds more credibility on the subject than BLR.