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Can Storytelling Prevent Gun Violence?
Join us on Tuesday Sept 20 at 7 pm for a community conversation about gun violence prevention, with poetry, art, stories and film.

As featured on NPR's Morning Edition

NPR’s Neda Ulaby reported on BLR‘s 20th Anniversary, featuring BLR Editor Danielle Ofri, along with author Celeste Ng. Long before Celeste Ng reached stratospheric popularity with Everything I Never Told You and Little Fires Everywhere, she was a an emerging author, whose story “Girls, at Play” appeared in BLR and then won a Pushcart Prize.

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Off The Page: The Gun Goes Off…

Deven Kolluri reads “The Gun Goes Off…,” a story by Ian Baaske

The Call

I could tell from his voice / something was horribly wrong. / I’m okay he said over and over / in a tone that told me he was anything but.


It gets hold of me, I wrote less than a year after her death. Somehow  it creeps up.


After my father’s disk sander had whirred to halt, he turned to me and gestured majestically. “Matthew, the work is always the best pay.”

May Cause

Take this, take it with crackers or bread. Do not. Do not. Do not
chew or crush. You are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are

Bury the Lead

They say the sharks came early/
and stayed late, unwanted houseguests

My Uncle Deserves Chekhov 

“Every family has one,” my sister Joyce liked to say. “One crazy uncle or aunt they can’t hide or forget.”

Book Review: Narrative in Social Work Practice

The book is dazzling and groundbreaking. The author’s bright, spare prose engages us intensely with her characters and their relationships.

The Great Imitator

I am a disease. My very existence poisons my father’s life.

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