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BLR Book Talk: Jasmine Brown, author of Twice as Hard: The Stories of Black Women Who Fought to Become Physicians, from the Civil War to the 21st Century, in conversation with Ashley McMullen and Danielle Ofri
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As featured on NPR's Morning Edition

NPR’s Neda Ulaby reported on BLR‘s 20th Anniversary, featuring BLR Editor Danielle Ofri, along with author Celeste Ng. Long before Celeste Ng reached stratospheric popularity with Everything I Never Told You and Little Fires Everywhere, she was a an emerging author, whose story “Girls, at Play” appeared in BLR and then won a Pushcart Prize.

Whiting Award Winner

BLR was awarded a Whiting Literary Magazine Prize for
“excellence in publishing, advocacy for writers, and a unique contribution to the strength of the overall literary community.”

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God knows my father did his share of speed, but it was the smoking that finally got him.

Motherhood Requiem

Nadia Ghent One afternoon, after my mother had fallen ill for the fourth or fifth…

Carrying History

I am a child of the Iranian revolution. In 1983, my mother gave birth to me in Evin Prison, one of Iran’s most notorious jails. 

By My Own Hand

Mental anguish can be as unruly as any terminal illness. It can, unfortunately, orchestrate its own end.

Thought Experiment

Before my pupils gape oh in unison,/
I find a seat with the semi-sighted

Bury the Lead

They say the sharks came early/
and stayed late, unwanted houseguests

Assisted Living

Mary’s not at dinner and no one knows why. Roy is limping but at least he’s up walking again after last month when he fell by the mailboxes and dislocated his new knee.

Evacuation Instructions

With the fat stripped away, she is her essential self. They don’t tell you how beautiful people can be when they’re dying.

Okahandja Lessons

Welcome to Namibia! The battered wooden sign stood at the edge of a highway that was strewn with piles of twisted, smoking metal.

Praise & Recognition