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NPR’s Neda Ulaby reported on BLR‘s 20th Anniversary, featuring BLR Editor Danielle Ofri, along with author Celeste Ng. Long before Celeste Ng reached stratospheric popularity with Everything I Never Told You and Little Fires Everywhere, she was a an emerging author, whose story “Girls, at Play” appeared in BLR and then won a Pushcart Prize.

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Issue 38 Foreword 

A writing contest is an ocular hybrid of sorts, a combining of the eye of the reviewer and the eye of the editor with the eye of the judge.


My father killed his mother, confessed it to me in his last year as the black dog of depression chased him toward his own grave.


I am back with the ‘who’ of me, the self I left behind through the seasons of my years. The ultimate prize is this reconciliation with the original, unvarnished self.

SUTHY Syndrome

I shit you not. Right in front of the elevator that spits you into our hospice, there is—get ready for this—a harpist. I mean, isn’t that like a teensy bit premature?

Chronic Care: “Broken Leg” by Keith Carter, Photograph (Toned Gelatin Silver Print 1998)

The girl in black dress and tights stands behind the fawn,/
hands clasped, their white blur forming almost/
a heart.

Of Mothers and Monkeys

My medical knowledge is limited to what I have learned here at the lab. All of it applicable only to non-human mammals.

Off The Page: Loss

Jason Schneiderman reads “Loss,” a poem by Susan O’Dell Underwood

His Own Time 

I did a little time once. It wasn’t a long bit, but that doesn’t matter much.  Time is time.

Issue 1 Foreword 

If great literature arises from an unflinching examination of the tender underbelly of human existence, then a literary journal is a natural development for an institution such as Bellevue.

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