When the Self Goes, It Goes

into the folds of the purple iris which, at dawn, / becomes the hub for spider silk, filament after / filament…

Describe a morning you woke without fear.

It is four in the darkness and you cannot breathe. / You cannot will your chest to expand, and suddenly, / this is all right.


we steal water when we make rain, the way / everything I have is from somewhere else, / from someone else,

She Misses and Wishes We Could All Live Together

We lean close to admire the web / then blow on it // gently.

Surrender, A Prayer for My Mother

Listen, dark one, as the sun sets, / the boxelder beetles come down / from the west wall

A Zoom Call, Before Treatment

Kan Ren Jie He has started praying –my mother says, clenching in her handsa blurry…


T. Le how often they end up the same theses mandarins— rinds falling off like…

The Call

I could tell from his voice / something was horribly wrong. / I’m okay he said over and over / in a tone that told me he was anything but.

Ear Examined

A trickster, the ear. Making us believe/
what eyes deny or hearts might doubt,