The Father of Joan of Arc

Two months after the loss of my only child, whose death—for which I am responsible—came in an unspeakable manner, I stand in line at the gas station, waiting to pay for my gas.

Off The Page: The Emperor of Blue Stone

Erin Cherry reads “The Emperor of Blue Stone,” a story by Frances Park

You’re Home Now

Earl was always chasing pussy when he was alive, so it was no big surprise when he came back as a weiner dog.

Off The Page: Call Ladies

Daniel Pearce reads “Call Ladies,” a story by MK Malik

In Lieu of a Better Plan

One otherwise pleasant evening at the asylum, I—a known murderess and recently declared Vice President of Ward G—escape through a partially opened, third-story window.

Sisters of Mercy

The surgeon came into the O.R. chewing gum.  This was how we knew there’d be a problem. God have mercy, we mutter under our breaths…

SUTHY Syndrome

I shit you not. Right in front of the elevator that spits you into our hospice, there is—get ready for this—a harpist. I mean, isn’t that like a teensy bit premature?

We the Mothers

We’re not saying our boys are angels, … we’re just saying that we the mothers didn’t need to teach our boys not to rape. 

The Road to Carville

It was a shame anyone had to go to Carville, a pity there was no cure, but Gar had been to war and knew how little fairness had to do with anything.