Yarrow doesn’t say much aside from being strange but that’s less him and more his parents, if he even has those. He doesn’t seem like the type to come from a womb.


God knows my father did his share of speed, but it was the smoking that finally got him.

The Little Things

The rule of conduct for freshmen confronted by a homeroom teacher rarely varies. Shaniece chooses the most common move…


After my father’s disk sander had whirred to halt, he turned to me and gestured majestically. “Matthew, the work is always the best pay.”

His Own Time 

I did a little time once. It wasn’t a long bit, but that doesn’t matter much.  Time is time.

Home Depot

You know how it is. You think you’re married, you’re married to Albie forty-two, what is it, forty-three years, so at least you know Albie. Right?

The Wedding Photographer’s Assistant

“Dina,” she said, “you’re the least romantic person I know.  For you to be a wedding photographer is too hilarious to pass up.”

Cousin Esther Goes to Chicago 

All that time I’ve been working here, mopping the floors, emptying the trash, washing down rooms, and watching the wet-behind-the-ears young pup doctors learn their business.


Aunt #1’s plastic toilet lid shifts under Manolo’s weight as he balances his left ankle on his right knee, careful so his leg doesn’t slide off his sweatpants.