BLR BookTalk with Jasmine Brown

Wednesday February 15 at 7 pm (online)

Black women physicians’ stories have gone untold for far too long, leaving gaping holes in American medical history, in women’s history, and in black history. It’s time to set the record straight.

Medical student Jasmine Brown began researching black women physicians at Oxford University when she was a Rhodes scholar. Her debut book, Twice as Hard, creates a new class of role models and establishes a lineage of black women doctors whose accomplishments are both important and inspirational. 

In this moment of national reckoning about the American systems that have upheld racism and sexism, Jasmine Brown has written the first history of black women physicians in the United States. 

Jasmine Brown will join BLR Board Member Ashley McMullen and BLR Editor-in-Chief Danielle Ofri for a timely conversation about the interplay of racism and sexism within medicine, shedding light on a powerful history of black women physicians that has long been invisible. 

co-sponsored by BLR and the American Medical Women’s Association

You can purchase Twice as Hard on BLR’s Bookshop page. A portion of your purchase will support BLR.