BLR BookTalk with Marie Myung-Ok Lee

Tuesday, March 14 at 7 pm (online)

“The Evening Hero is a beautiful, lush, moving story of family, of Korean and American history, of the legacy of war, and of the trauma of displacement. With great wit and humanity, it skewers the medical-industrial complex and the deep inequity of contemporary America. But most of all this novel is a tender, complex, vivid portrait of Yungman, the indelible Evening Hero.” —DANA SPIOTTA

Marie Myung-Ok Lee –-the acclaimed Korean-American writer–will join BLR editors Doris W. Cheng and Danielle Ofri for a fascinating conversation about medicine, immigration, rural America, North Korea, family, and history.

You can purchase The Evening Hero on BLR’s Bookshop page. A portion of your purchase will support BLR.