BLR BookTalk with Sarah Ruhl

Wednesday January 18 at 7 pm (online)

“Ten years ago, my smile walked off my face, and wandered out in the world. This is the story of my asking it to come back. This is a story of how I learned to make my way when my body stopped obeying my heart.”

Sarah Ruhl--acclaimed playwright, two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist,  MacArthur “genius”–tells the story of a ten-year medical and metaphysical odyssey after the left side of her face became suddenly and completely paralyzed. Her book, Smile, was a New York Times best-seller and is now available in paperback.

Sarah Ruhl will join BLR editor-in-chief Danielle Ofri for a fascinating conversation about her life, her career, and her extraordinary journey to reclaim her own face.

You can purchase Smile on BLR’s Bookshop page. A portion of your purchase will support BLR.