BLR Wins Whiting Prize!

BLR Wins 2021 Whiting Literary Magazine Prize

The Whiting Literary Magazine Prize is awarded for “excellence in publishing, advocacy for writers, and a unique contribution to the strength of the overall literary community.”

The Whiting judges commented: “Born in a legendary city hospital as the brainchild of writers and healthcare professionals, Bellevue Literary Review captures—with great intimacy and concision—the experience not just of pain, or treatment, or healing, but of day-to-day life itself, deepening our understanding of the human body and literature’s role in exploring it. Bellevue Literary Review is loyal to its theme but never constrained by it, uncovering boundless tonal and narrative possibilities as it contemplates the body as a physical entity, probes the manifestation of mental illness, or reckons with how the racialized and gendered body is perceived.”

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