Reading the Body: Dialogues on Creativity and Healing

What is the connection between art and healing? Do the arts affect caregivers in the same way they affect patients? Does creativity play a role in healing? Does illness play a role in creativity?

Join us on September 18th at 6 pm for a fascinating conversation on how the creative arts are part of healing. In the gorgeous setting of the historic New York Academy of Medicine, we will screen the award-winning short film, Reading the Body: Poetry and Dance on Recovery. This will be followed by a panel to participate with the audience in a lively discussion about arts, healthcare, creativity, recovery, and the possibilities of healing.

A collaboration of Bellevue Literary Review and The Paige Fraser Foundation.

Danielle Ofri (writer, physician, and editor of BLR)
Milica Zgaljic-Ramirez (creative arts therapist)
Paige Fraser-Hoffman (dancer)
Lucy Hunter (psychiatrist and former dancer)