May Cause

Elspeth Jensen

Take this, take it with crackers or bread. Do not. Do not. Do not
chew or crush. You are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are
breast-feeding. Discard after any person other than the person
taking this. Take this, take it at the same time each day, by mouth
twice a day, a once a day small meal on an empty stomach filled.
1 refill. 2 refills. No refills left for whom it was prescribed. Use
care. Use care when operating a vehicle, vessel, boat, until you
become familiar with blurred vision, symptoms worsening, fear, or
sadness. Take this, take it with plenty of water. Take the transfer
of warning. Do not. Do not. Do not smoke, or drink. Take this
extended release, absorb this. This may cause drowsiness, mood
changes may intensify this round white significant. This prohibits
machinery. This dizziness.