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Gaetan Sgro

The need to catch up on sleep. An ache to sleep on clean sheets. The prospect of waking up dry. To sleep without fear of being robbed or kicked in the night. Having just gotten insurance. Never having had insurance. Thinking it might be cancer. Thinking you’ll deal with it later. Thinking it’s one thing and finding out it’s another. Doing it for your partner. Doing it to get back at your partner. Being sick and tired of lying. Of working in that kitchen. Owing it to your children. Something you saw on television. Because someone was too busy typing. You can’t remember ever laughing. Because you are terrified of dying alone. Because you are terrified of living alone. Because you are terrified of him. Because you blacked out and your friends dragged you in. Because nobody speaks your language. Because your wife left with the kids. Left you with the kids. Got herself admitted. Because of the voices. Because of the Earth’s movements. Something the moon did. The bus strike. The election. Fleeing persecution. Because of a broken system. A positive review of systems. Because you lost a bet. Because you found religion. The promise of life-changing medicine. Broken promises. Because you needed a lift. Because like everyone else you wish.