Issue 11

Landscapes of the Mind: Writers Explore Mental Illness


In Lieu of Better Plan by Elizabeth Downs 
My Uncle Deserves Chekhov by Robert Treu 
Translation Memory by Midge Raymond 
Born on Sunday by Mark Rigney 
The Demon by Hasanthika Sirisena 
The Room of Small Gods by Paula V. Smith 
World’s Fair by Kathleene Donahoo 
Lake Charles by Jim Tomlinson 
Crackers by Alex Bartel 
Lost Souls’ Journey by Dina Greenberg 
Nobody Walks by Sarah Hong 
Where Our Paths Run by Kim Puckett 
Brother’s Keeper by Ami Sands Brodoff 


Restaurant by Peter Selgin 
Iambic Pentameter and the Meter of War by Diane Cameron 
By My Own Hand by Anita Darcel Taylor 
Pushing the Geriatric Envelope by Ralph Crawshaw 
…But My Heart Is Indian by Itzhak Kronzon 


After Electro-Convulsive Therapy by Elizabeth Hazen
Escape by Susan Donnelly 
What You Know by Blas Falconer 
In the Briars by Colleen McKee 
Nicknames by r.g. cantalupo 
Thanksgiving: Visiting My Brother on the Ward by Peter Schmitt 
Noon Dark by June Stein 
On January 24th by Lauren K. Alleyne 
After Lightning, I Dream of Abrigette by Aracelis Girmay 
Viewing Frida Kahlo’s The Suicide of Dorothy Hale by Virginia Chase Sutton 
A Widow at 93 by Andrew Merton 
Overblown by Hal Sirowitz


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Reading Guide
Cover Note