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Issue 12


Presidents, Space, Medical Miracles by Lorie Kolak (Contest Winner)
Flash Fires by Philip Levitas (Honorable Mention)
Thc Cure by Kathleen Cohn (Honorable Mention)
Polyglot by Wendy Marcus 
Tough Cookie by Alanna Schubach 
Recoil by Trenton Streeting 
Lily of the Valley by Emma Wunsch 
The Little Gray and Black Box by Oaz Nir 
The Encounter Complex by Kate Evans 
Her Last Week in Their Paradise by Elaine Schear 


Bones of Jade, Soul of Ice by Sarah Liu (Contest Winner)
You Never Know by Pamela Hull (Honorable Mention)
Sisters by Sheila Kohler 
Traces by Annette Gendler 


After the Light by Berwyn Moore (Contest Winner)
Salvation by Joanna Pearson (Honorable Mention)
Cold Kiss by John Kay 
The Christmas Patient by John Kay 
On His Knees by Wendy Mnookin 
Insomnia by John Calderazzo 
Blind Man Watching by Kristine Ong Muslim 
Alopecia by Douglas Haynes 
Ode on Porcelain by Anya Silver 
I Want to Work in a Hospital by Cortney Davis 
Blessed Thistle (Cnicus benedictus) by Sarah Hannah 
Watching You Nap Beneath a Faded Quilt by Angela Armstrong 
I Imagine I Answer Your Letter by Alison Jarvis 
Blood Test by Judith Harris 
Dames Rocket by Elaine Terranova 
Legacy by Barbara Oken 
The Mortician’s Mother-in-Law Says Goodbye by Rigoberto González 
Poem to My Right Hand by Susan Varon 
Transcendence by Susan Rich 
Apostasy by Seth Abramson 


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Cover Note