Issue 13

Issue 13 Growing Older

Growing Older: Writers Examine Aging


Eggs by Susi Wyss 
Sex in the Starless Universe by Adam Tamashasky
Room 503 by Ivan Prashker
Casualties by Alok A. Khorana
Looking at Aquaman by Kim Foster 
The Father of Joan of Arc by Ron Rindo 
Mourning Dove by Susan J. Newell 
Getting in Trouble by Ed Meek 
Winter Light by MaryLee McNeal 
Waiting by Billy O’Callaghan 
A Brutal Sweetness by Abby Nance 


Bridge by Jane Ashley 
Saturday, First Call by David Farris 
The Best That Love Could by Scott Oglesby 
Solitude by Joan Kip 


For Their Second Childhood by David Wagoner 
After the Seizure by Sandra M. Castillo 
Green Threshold Orange by Peter Cooley 
The Name by David Wagoner 
Lachrymal by Ellen Steinbaum 
In the Hospital Coffee Shop by Susanna Rich 
The Old Man Washes His Boat, Ballycotton by Elizabeth Biller Chapman 
On Finding One Grey Pubic Hair Four Days Before My 48th Birthday by Alison Townsend 
Tough Guy by John Kay 
A Brief History by David Wagoner 
Neither Do They Work Nor Do They Weep by Lois Marie Harrod 
Telephone by Judy Katz 
Back of the Envelope by Greg McBride 
Love on Death’s Doorstep by Alice Wirth Gray 
Curling Willow by Elizabeth Spires 
December 25th, Hospice Porch by Morgan Machledt 
Thread by Barry Sternlieb 
Autumn Crickets by Barry Sternlieb


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Reading Guide
Cover Note