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Issue 19

Issue 19


Thanksgiving by Maria Robinson
Katie Ireland by Hunter Liguore
Remedies by Kali Fajardo-Anstine
In the Back Seat by Miha Mazzini
Girls, At Play by Celeste Ng
Manna by TJ Beitelman
Feet: A Love Story by Adin Bookbinder
Cycling by Heather Dewar
Like Snow, Only Grayer by Mary Akers
The Big Cat by Mitchell Wilson
The Way It Is Around Here by Jason Francis O’Keane


Mathematics, God, or Magic? by Carey K. Bagdassarian
A Figment of Your Imagination by Cynthia-Marie O’Brien
The Origin of Fear by Inez Holger


A Brief History of the Heart by John Kay
Divination by R.A. Villanueva
Mom Poem Seven by Guillermo Castro
The Shed by Elana Bell
Elegy in which the film degrades by Anne Marie Rooney
Bloom by Mindy Kronenberg
Strawberries by Maria Hummel
Staircase Outside the Hospital by Maria Hummel
The Vocation of Illness by Cortney Davis
Bones by Anne Pierson Wiese
In the Dream by Lyn Lifshin
* by Simon Perchik
Luis Gonzalez, Beloved Father and Husband by Tara Betts
The Use of Metaphor by Jessica Greenbaum
Donation by Hal Sirowitz
Prostate as Trophy by Hal Sirowitz
Fem Pop Bypass by Dave Zerby


Foreword by Ronna Wineberg
Book Review: “The Language of Pain,” reviewed by Sayantani DasGupta
Contributors’ Notes