Issue 20

Issue 20 2011 Prize Winners


But Now Am Found by Patti Horvath (Contest Winner)
Winston Speaks by Jill Caputo (Honorable Mention)
Happiness Advocates by B.G. Firmani 
Crazyland by Ruth Schemmel 
Odd a Sea’s Wake by Nicholas Patrick Martin 
Condensed Milk by Danielle Eigner 
The Day of the Surgical Colloquium Hosted by the Far East Rand Hospital by Gill Schierhout 
Minivan by Anne Valente 
Moab by Jennifer Lee 
Hamlet by Benjamin Parzybok 
Sisters of Mercy by Joan Leegant 


The Tag by Elizabeth Crowell (Contest Winner)
In a Time of Scars by Gaynell Gavin 
Travel of Sound by Nicolas Destino 


Sinkhole by Janet Trag Landman (Contest Winner)
Climacteric by Cynthia Neely (Honorable Mention)
To Melancholia, Mon Amour by Nancy Naomi Carlson 
“Photographs of the Saint’s Finger are Strictly Prohibited” by Katherine Durham Oldmixon 
Looking Back by Floyd Skloot 
Something Happened by Tim Nolan 
Intensive Care Unit by Tim Nolan 
Poem in Which I Pack You a Few Things for the Hospital by Beverley Bie Brahic 
As Broken in the End by Travis Mossotti 
Family Waiting Room by Stacy Nigliazzo 
Grief Settles in the Body by Laura Goldin 
PET CT Scan by Jennifer Chapis 
Uses for Salt by Kate Lynn Hibbard 
April 1986, Ukraine by Laurel Bastian 
My Father’s False Memory of His Mother by Brian David Mooney 
Bruise in the Shape of a Hand by Jehanne Dubrow 
Interview by Jehanne Dubrow 
Despondency by Jennifer Barber 
Crayons by Emily Sullivan Sanford 
Stage Four, Summer by Pat Daneman 
The Bird Buriers by Ben Miller 
The Mortician’s Guayabera by Virgil Suárez 
My Hypochondria: A Soliloquy by Steve Gehrke 


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Book Review: “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating” reviewed Jack Coulehan
Contributors’ Notes