Issue 25

Issue 25 Mosaic of Voices

A Mosaic of Voices: Writers Explore Multiculturalism


Commotio Cordis by Pria Anand
What Lies Beneath by Mary Akers
Flamingo Valley by Amanda Lee Koe
Mr. Abhyankar Learns to Drop Bombs by Prasad Bodas
Diplomacy by Susan Land
Sirens by Joshunda Sanders
Silhouettes and Shadows by Vishwas R. Gaitonde
Forest Hills by Michael Powers
Examining Rooms by Midge Raymond
Patrimony by Nancy Green
Passion Parties by David Milofski


So Far by Cristina Negrón
Family Portrait, Guam, 1979 by Katherine Lien Chariott


I Tell My Mother What I Read About Sky Burial by Jill McDonough
Clínica Hispana by Hillary  Kobernick
Wound Healing by Pepper Trail
To be awake by Mary Ellen Ballard
The Missionary’s Wife (1824) by Janet Chalmers
Why the Therapist Loves Ironing by Gail Martin
Intake by Jacob L. Freedman
Edema by Merrill Cole
100 Razor Blades by Anna Carson DeWitt
The Rice-Eating Ceremony by Sonia Sarkar
Teaching the Riff in Being Tuned to the Rez Blues by Tanaja Winder
Beautiful by M. Miranda Maloney
Coal Act, 1969 by Dawn Potter
Phosphorescence by Zhu Jian (Translated from the Chinese by Liang Yujing)
Terminal House by Robert J. Levy
On Sitting Next to an 80-Year-Old Widower at My Temple’s Shabbat Singles’ Table Last Friday Night by Amelia B. Winkler
Weight Gain Sonnet by Moira Egan
MRI by Jackie Fox
Being Respectful of Other Cuisines by Hal Sirowitz


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Book Review: “Fighting For Life, S. Josephine Baker” reviewed Katherine Ellington
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