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Issue 26

Issue 26 2014 Prize Winners


Pediatricology by Abby Horowitz (Contest Winner)
Death Defiant Bomba or What To Wear When Your Boo Gets Cancer by Lilliam Rivera (Honorable Mention)
Quieter Around Me by Lillian Huang Cummins
D-L-O-R-W by Jessica Stuits
In Other Hemispheres by Pamela Ryder
The Brook Pool by D. Quentin Miller
Revival by Sheena Sauls
In Parts by Sonia Greenfield
Lights Out by Susan Bartlett
The Craft of Drowning by Sean Kevin Campbell
Last Call by Jean-Marie Saporito
Throwing in the Towel by Billy O’Callaghan


Forty-One Months by Will McGrath (Contest Winner)
Double Exposure by Elisha Waldman (Honorable Mention)
Mending Petals by Mary Arguelles
Measuring Time by Leslie Van Gelder


Chronic Care: Keith Carter’s “Broken Leg” Photograph by Laurie Clements Lambeth (Contest Winner)
The Rules of Surgery by Kristin Robertson (Honorable Mention)
Cut Nose by Will Johnston
The Second Floor by Rachel Hadas
In the Theater by Rachel Hadas
Rorschach Test in the Psych Ward by Kip Irwin
Thought Experiment by Steven Cramer
In a Forest During a Storm, Growing Older by Catherine Freeling
Day Room by Alison Bradford
Spring Comes, and Then by Kaitlin LaMoine Martin
Staying and Going by Kathryn Weld
Whitewash by Stacia Cyrene Yearwood
Cynara by Michal Lemberger
Visits from the Underworld: Twelve Steps to Forget by Avery Leigh Thomas
Not a Requiem by Marty McConnell
After My Mother’s Death, I Feel Nothing by Jennifer Perrine
Found I. From the Testimony of Ramiza GurdiƧ: Srebrenica, July 1995 by Laura Lauth
Sunflowers & Ash by Amy Tudor
Hoodwinker by Thomas R. Moore


Foreword by Jason Schneiderman
Book Review: New Book Roundup reviewed by Danielle Ofri
Contributors’ Notes