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Issue 30

Issue 30 2016 Prize Winners


The Foreign Cinema by Lauren Alwan (Contest Winner)
The Lump by Susanna Nguy (Student Winner)
Are You Having Suicidal Thoughts? by John Noonan (Honorable Mention)
First Child, Second Place by Marylin Warner (Honorable Mention)
Nothing Shaking by Michael Caleb Tasker
Baked Alaska by Juliet Faithfull
Is a Picnic by Gary Scott
The Vegetable Seller by Sonni Aun
Ninety Capsules by Linda Norlander


Askew by Esther K. Willison (Contest Winner)
A Member of the Family by Morgan Smith (Honorable Mention)
Canine Cardiology by Deborah Thompson
The Hollow of Shell Bay by William Henry Searle


The Problem with Anatomical Thinking— by Meridian Johnson (Contest Winner)
The Interview by Kathryn Starbuck (Honorable Mention)
A Fall by Molly Peacock
The Bodies Are Messages by Willa Schneberg
Ground Zero, Sierra Leone by Gaetan Sgro
Ebola: A Love Story by Tamara Miller
Landscape with Cesare Pavese by Jim Davis
Violent Blonde Celebrates Mother’s Day by Anya Silver
The Body’s Calendar by Yerra Sugarman
Erasure using a Paper on Smallpox Prophylaxis by Lucia Stacey
Valentine by Chelsea Krieg
Google Moon (2) by Anna Leahy
Reprieve by Jeffrey Harrison
Health by Katy Lederer
Lacuna by Katy Lederer
Eyespot by Katy Lederer
The First Autopsy in the New World by Clare Cross
Fleeing by David Simpson
Reading Together by David Simpson
Reborn by Jeevan Narney
Failure to progress in speech therapy by Christine Robbins
Son by Alexandrine Vo
Adelia by Owen McLeod
Alprazolam, 0.5mg by Teo Mungaray
Passive Resistance by Mary Arguelles
Messal Mentes by Adam Young
Accelerated Aging by Steven Cordova


Foreword by Ronna Wineberg
In Memoriam: Oliver Sacks by Danielle Ofri
Book Review: “The Lioness in Winter,” reviewed by Donna Baier Stein
Contributors’ Notes