Issue 36

Issue 36 2019 Prize Winners


The Kings of Gowanus by Rae Meadows (Contest Winner)
Bird Season by Daniela Garvue (Honorable Mention)
Interruption by Jeremy Glazer
Blink by Maggie Leffler
The Awful Thing by Christina Robertson
Dream of the Italian Gentleman by Charles Conley
Let Them Lie by S.L. Bailey
The Opioid Epidemic Handbook for Parents by Jamie Zeppa
Lydiola by Sarah Yahm
Sibilance by Leonard Post
Emancipation by Elizabeth Chase


Harvest Moon by Julia Michie Bruckner (Contest Winner)
Touch by Stephanie X. Wu (Student Winner)
Lone Wolf by Ellen Gunnarsdottir (Honorable Mention)
Second Chance by Pamela Hull


Particle by Jan Bottiglieri (Contest Winner)
Dusk in Dupont Circle by Martha Addy Young (Honorable Mention)
Family Physician by Li Yun Alvarado
Lithium Canal by Alex Bernstein
Oystered by Michele Parker Randall
House Staff by Sandra Gustin
Untouchable by Michelle Boland
Show & Tell by Jennifer Wolkin
Doughnuts by Joan Moritz
Watching the Olympics on Morphine by Victoria Dalkey
It Comes in Waves by Mary Block
Seeing Dad’s Scars for the First Time, Three Months
After His Bear Attack by David Gustavsen
Bury the Lead by Renée K. Nicholson
Frontier by Steven Cramer
109 Miles From the Mexican-American Border by Kali Veach
Archived and Bodily by Aimee Herman
As Is by Brenda Miller
Imaging by Nicole Callihan
The Inside by Sarah Koenig
Shroud by Ted Morrissey
The Other Life by Jona Colson


Foreword by Ronna Wineberg
Book Review: First Book Roundup, reviewed by Dante Di Stefano
Cover Art by Pamela Sztybel