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Issue 39

Reading The Body


In This Skin by Emma Pattee
Sloth, That Wicked Siren by Christopher Notarnicola
Palindromes by Jonathan Penner
Second Nature by Lynne Stoecklein
Where I’m From They Take It Away If They See You’re Excited by Michele Suzann
The Orchard by Lauren Green
Spectrum by Ian MacLean
Committed by Deidre Jaye Byrne
We Are Only Human by Mahak Jain
Bound by Sam Schieren


The Next Bullet by Jeremy Griffin
Claiming Missing Inheritance by Jack Lancaster
Dispatch From Bewilderness by Judith Hannah Weiss
The Family Farm by Wyatt Bandt
By the Neck by Laura Johnsrude


Waking from Nightmares and Taking a Walk by Jacob Boyd
Evocation (Streets) by Jeanette Clough
Quinque Cordibus Vestris by Gina Ferrari
The Taxidermy of Grrrl Black by Cynthia Parker-Ohene
Her Marked Black Body by Cynthia Parker-Ohene
On My Twenty-Fifth Birthday, Ama Recounts Rebirthing Me by Samyak Shertok
Night, Moonlight by Samara Skolnik
Cesarean Birth by Viola Lee
What Happened Over the Weekend by Heather Taylor Johnson
Mutatis Mutandis by Sanjana Nair
OCD by Sarah Giragosian
How Hair Changes Before Expiration by J.E. Robinson
Sweet Tooth by Alishya Almeida
Within Margins by Elisabeth Preston-Hsu
Patience of the Light 2 by Maureen Seaton
My Mother’s Body by Thomas Dooley
Alphabet Poem by Beth Suter
Where the Stroke Takes Me by Jane C. Miller


Foreword by Suzanne McConnell
Editor’s Note by Danielle Ofri
Artist Statement & Featured Art by Laura Ferguson
Book Review: “Writers on Walking,” reviewed by Peter Bricklebank