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Issue 41

20th Anniversary Issue


Intensive Care by Rosaleen Bertolino
Hallandale Beach, 1987 by Dan Reiter
Old Poles by Tim Erwin
Hart Island by Christopher Murphy
Kale by Marilyn Abildskov
Housekeeping by Ryan Pollard
Sometimes the Mind is a Locked Door by Duke Stewart
Halfway to the Afterlife by Parker Desautell
Bullfrogs by Shelby Kinney-Lang
Lila, the Preacher’s Widow by S.L. Wisenberg
The Summer That Begins With the Fawn by Jonathan Johnson
It Felt Like a Slap by Ivan Prashker
The Weight of Him by Kathleen Gibbons


That Night-Side of Life by Estee Ward
Our Eyes Were Watching Marcia by Samuel A. Autman
Notes on Worlding by Elizabeth Brogden
Hypnotic by Mohan Fitzgerald
The Secrets of Hair Loss by Jena Martin
Blood/Shed by Alanna Weissman
The End Gambit by Chip Brown
On the Sidewalks of New York by Jane Gordon Julien
The Insufficience of the Sublime by Alice Hatcher
Falling by Zoe Fowler


Sit and Eat by Edward Hirsch
Detrás La Ventana by Constant Laval Williams 
Practice by Madison Mainwaring
Midsummer Rain by Ted Kooser
Reclaiming Records by Beck Nison 
Self-Portrait by Esther Abisola Omole
Shard 16 by CAConrad
Shard 19 by CAConrad
We Advance in Tender Increments by Andrew Robin
The Heart, It’s Said, Wants What the Heart Wants by George Looney 
Epileptic by Mary Morris
Some Nerve: A Nocturne by Jeannine Hall Gailey
When Fire Arrives by Sharon Pretti
Inside the Alzheimer’s Unit by Sharon Pretti
Mother-Love by Maya Kini
Ode to Impotence by Jonathan Stillerman
Fluid Bond by Birch Rosen
After Top Surgery by Birch Rosen
Monitor by Jerome Ellison Murphy
Reading the Scan by Zoë Ryder White
On the Corner of Dikeman and Van Brunt by Zoë Ryder White
Palliative on a Rooftop by David Greenspan
Thinking About Childbirth During a Meteor Shower by Carrie Hohmann Campbell
Empty-born by Alexandrine Vo 
Meditation by Deborah Golub 
Fugue by Karin Gottshall
Ash by Karin Gottshall
Evensong by Karin Gottshall
Temporary Separation by Margot Wizansky
Compose by Emily Brandt
Heart Failure by Noel Sikorski
Where Do Genetic Mutations Come From? by Linda Harris Dolan 


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Editorial Roundtable by BLR staff
Book Review: “Ordinary Psalms” by Julia B. Levine, reviewed by Kate Falvey
Cover Art by David Margolis