Issue 06


Hickory by Timothy Ziegenhagen
Home Depot by Robert Oldshue 
High Water Mark by Suzanne McConnell 
The Thursday Men’s Club by Gloria Kurian Broder 
Secret Garden by Sylvie Massicotte 
Just a Kiss by Jasmine Beach-Ferrara 
Wishers by Susan Henderson
Return to Lincoln by Louise Farmer Smith


Love is Just a Four-Letter Word by David Watts 
Songs from the Black Chair by Charles Barber 
At the Window by Elkabeth Rollins 
Rereading Carol Shields by Deborah Burand 
Fissure by Debra Anne Davis 
A Roomful of Christmas by Scott Temple 
The Gift of Nothing by David Watts 


The Initiation by Alicia Ostriker 
Angina by Alicia Ostriker 
Everything in Life is Divided by Cortney Davis 
Suspicion by Nicole Cooley 
Aneurysm by Elisabeth Murawski 
Flash Elorde by Eugene Gloria 
Ambulance by Halvard Johnson 
The Accident by Grey Jacobik 
Night Nurse by Sarah Hannah 
Landfall by Ann Cefola 
Perspective by Ruthann Robson 
Doctor, Please by Peter Marcus 
It Is Said That Wigmakers by Dannye Romine Powell 
Choice of Diseases by Hal Sirowitz 
Shapeshifter by Hadara Bar-Nadav 
Strategy by Samuel Menashe 
In Suicide’s Tracks by Lisa Rosen 
Child in Waterby  Katherine Soniat 


Foreword by Ronna Wineberg
Cover Note