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Issue 09

Issue 9

Plagues and Pens: Writers Examine Infectious Diseases


The Road to Carville by Pat Tompkins
The Great Imitator by Leslie Patterson
Afternoon Heat by Vishwas R Gaitonde
The Hangover by Glenn Vanstrum
The Gift of the Spanish Lady by Marcia Calhoun Forecki
Measles: 1949 by Susan Moger
Coulrophobia by Jacob M. Appel
The Right Gift by Karin Lin-Greenberg
Consultation by Erika Dreifus
Jack of Hearts by Andrea Lewis
The Levitron by Robert Oldshue
So Much in the World is Waiting to be Found Out by Sariah Dorbin
What Are You Looking For? by Katya Uroff
Breathing by Cortney Davis


The Only Fat Man in Lascahobas by Evan Lyon
Quarantine by Matthew Davis
Oh, Collage: A Story of Strange Vision(s) by Susan Bloom Malus
Walking the Labyrinth: A Landscape of Grief by Carolyn Megan


Mary Sees Her Daughter by Eve Rifkah
Shobo by Dannie Abse
“Silence=Death” by Rafael Campo
Sick Day by Rafael Campo
Prisoner by John Stone
The Porch by Katherine Soniat
In the British Library Repository by Katie Chaple
Plague Year by William Orem
The Sky Gone White by Priscilla Atkins
Serratia Marcescens by Peter Sordillo
* by Simon Perchik
Toledo, Ohio: 1967 by Laurie Rosenblatt
Twenty Years Later, My Sister is Still Drowning by Kelli Russell Agodon
Psychotherapist at the Landfill by Lou Lipsitz
How Suffering Goes by Melisa Cahnmann
After Reading a Letter from My Mother by Melisa Cahnmann
Another Life by Susan Varon
Living Will by Holly Posner
The Call by Sharon Pretti
Surgeon by Sharon Pretti
Weatherman by Shannon McNamara
Joy by Margaret A. Robinson
The Next Week by Joan Michelson
First Anniversary by Joan Michelson
Whatever is Left by Coriney Davis
Postoperative Care by Arlene Eager


Foreword by Jerome Lowenstein
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