Evacuation Instructions

With the fat stripped away, she is her essential self. They don’t tell you how beautiful people can be when they’re dying.

Off The Page: The Trap

Jinn S. Kim reads “The Trap,” a story by Shawn Campbell

Still Life 

From the moment my friend George stepped from his loft to his death at the bottom of the building’s elevator shaft, there’s been one thing I can say I’ve known for sure—that love is dangerously overrated.

My Uncle Deserves Chekhov 

“Every family has one,” my sister Joyce liked to say. “One crazy uncle or aunt they can’t hide or forget.”

Looking at Aquaman

Something nobody warns you about, when you get very sick, is that you have to be polite. You have to be Emily f-ing Post every minute of the day,

Sloth, That Wicked Siren

Why he stopped showering, no one could say for sure, though everyone had their guesses.


“Kill me,” he pleaded, not exactly in those words, but clothed rather in the language of assisted suicide. He had no right to ask that of me.

A Brutal Sweetness

Last night my breath changed from quiet to labored heaving. We all wonder: will this be my last bath?

In This Skin

“The difference between a good butthole and a bad butthole is the wink.”  This is the best man talking.