A Big Empty

We hadn’t talked since we left our West Virginia homeplace over two hours ago, both of us teary-eyed

issue 38 2020 Prize Winners
Taxi Ride

It was around noon on a spring day in the month of May when Ms. Abedi appeared at the intersection of Shahrara and Sattar Khan Streets on the west side of Tehran.

Peer Review

There’s an infiltration in the group. I sense it. I see it a mile away.

Girls, at Play

This is how we play the game: pink means kissing; red means tongue.

Your Quiet Affair

Your affair with Connie Gervais starts the way you imagine most do.

The Plagiarist

“Why?” Althea leaned toward the splotchy-pale student who sat in her small office chair, his wide khaki thighs overflowing its seat.

A Vehicular Situation

“Well, here’s the good Dr. Kaspar stuck out in a field in the middle of nowhere,” LeeAnn said.

The Great Imitator

I am a disease. My very existence poisons my father’s life.

The Levitron

Let me tell you one thing: these know-it-alls who come around hawking computerized this and that to make Shady Rest work like the Holiday Inn have never worked in a nursing home.