Quietly, they concede,
leaving pennies 
at your feet. 

We Are Afraid

We are afraid/
of junior high school students and the nauseating things /
they say among their own kind.


Scatter my ashes in the ocean,
my father instructed,

Where Do Genetic Mutations Come From?

after the pink peonies die, their heads droop,/ petals begin their falling,


I am surrounded by streets/ 
half dark, half lit, by high rises/
sheathed in metal and glass, 

Temporary Separation

I’m inside this body that doesn’t work / the way it did before, as if all my angles / were filed down.


For minutes,/
I watch his heart: ventricles contracting,/
blood pumping – my other silent pulsing center

House of Endurance

She called me to pick her up, but by the time I drove to the block,/
three men in total pandemic suits were walking her out.

Before Another CT Scan

Think your lungs a forest cleared./
Your breath winged/
as if it had a better place to go