The Rules of Surgery

1. Eat When You Can. Sleep When You Can./
With the pad of my finger I collect crumb/
after crumb like a hopeful, disappearing braille.

Thanksgiving: Visiting My Brother on the Ward

Behind the thick, crosshatched glass of the cruiser / my brother, back for the holiday, breathes / more slowly.

Off The Page: The Barn

Jason Schneiderman reads “The Barn,” a poem by Thomas March

Off The Page: Perlmutter Cancer Center

Deven Kolluri reads “Perlmutter Cancer Center,”a poem by Abba Belgrave

Blind Choreography

They told me that other senses/ 
would rush in. Now the atmosphere/ 
is shredded through trees


To survive this exile, you will need/
to hold court with the moon, store the memory/
of its light in a mason jar for later.

Off The Page: Cabbages and Kings

Jason Schneiderman reads “Cabbages and Kings,” a poem by Maura Way

The Sleepy Beauties of Sound

For now it’s guesswork: a territory/
full of unmapped regions,


My husband has been into town./
I can smell the out of doors/
in his hair, on his cheek