If I forget you/ will you disappear?
The arc of Rilke’s question seemed to spawn/
out of a dustbin/ remnant of a
sheer belief that minds are gods.


the asymmetrically lurching gait/
the austere paradox as of one hand clapping/
a unilateral dialogue.

Off The Page: How Hair Changes before Expiration

Nksoi Nkululeko reads “How Hair Changes before Expiration,” a poem by J.E. Robinson

Off The Page: In Memoriam, Fanny Imlay (1794-1816)

Ingeborg Riedmaier reads “In Memoriam, Fanny Imlay (1794-1816),” a poem by Jason Schneiderman


Lock that tongue to the roof/
of your mouth, the therapist says,/ 
eyeing the trach 

Off The Page: Loss

Jason Schneiderman reads “Loss,” a poem by Susan O’Dell Underwood

Off The Page: Quinque Cordibus Vestris

Nksoi Nkululeko reads “Quinque Cordibus Vestris,”a poem by Gina Ferrari

Off The Page: Reasons for Admission (Not Indexed in ICD-10)

Ingeborg Riedmaier reads “Reasons for Admission (Not Indexed in ICD-10)” a poem by Gaetan Sgro

The Oncologist

Do you have an appetite? No. / Are you anxious? Yes. / Irritable? Yes.