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Issue 18


Cocido by Larry Hill (Contest Winner)
The Champion by M.M. De Voe 
Stuntman by Albert Dixon 
Jeopardy by Helen Hooper 
The Pope’s Boutique by Alison Baker 
Termination by David Milofsky 
Ghosts of Doubt by Gregg Cusick 
Mud by Ben Orlando


The House Across from the Park by Joan Kip (Contest Winner)
A Shear Pin’s Nothing by Mark Holden (Honorable Mention)
Call/Waiting by Alexa Rose Steinberg 
The Wills of Twenty Strangers by Anna Mirer 


The Thundering by Amanda Auchter (Contest Winner)
The Bottom Drawer by Amanda Auchter (Honorable Mention)
The Tender Roof by Kent Leatham 
Stomach Bones by Rebecca B. Rank 
Getting Over a Cold by Margaret Kogan 
Uremia by Margaret Kogan 
Left, South, Right, Fluke by Carol McCarthy 
Three for the OB Clinic by Jennifer Browne Lawrence 
Autism: Hyperlexia by Edward Byrne 
Landscape with Tumor by Nancy Carol Moody 
A Diminished Thing by Rachel Contreni Flynn 
Saint Elizabeth by Rachel Contreni Flynn 
Desert Patio by Ron Drummond 
I Think I might be paranoid by Callista Buchen 
Better Lived by Callista Buchen 
On Being Bipolar and the Phenomenal World by Virginia Chase Sutton 
At the Memorial Service by Amanda Newell 
Theology by Jack Coulehan 
Sting by Fay Dillof


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Book Review: “Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer’s Disease” reviewed by Rachel Hadas
Contributors’ Notes