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Can Storytelling Prevent Gun Violence?

“Can Storytelling Prevent Gun Violence?” is a multimedia project from BLR and the Northwell Center for Gun Violence Prevention about how gun violence disrupts our relationship to society and to each other, and how can we bring the arts and storytelling into the conversation. In grappling with the enormity of gun violence, we asked how we can approach gun violence prevention with a creative lens.

Our public event was moderated by Poet Gold, Toni Jensen, Dr. Danielle Ofri, Dr. Chethan Sathya.

The full collection of poetry, stories, art, and film is presented below. This project is a collaboration between BLR and the Northwell Health Center for Gun Violence Prevention, an organization that approaches gun violence from a public health perspective.


Dear Shooter by Rachel Ullah
After Another School Shooting, I Drive the Back Roads of New Hampshire by Deborah Murphy
O To Be a Semiautomatic Weapon by Marie McGrath
After the Loss of My Daughter to Suicide by Laura Apol
Price Tag by Alma Gaxiola
Arlo by Monica Wendel


Calling Card by Mary Luce
Semantics by Rachel Hall


Battenkill by Jim Windolf


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Facing It Together by Jack Bordnick
Memory of Survival by Rachel Coyne
Take My Hand by Maria Drogosis,
Void A, Void B by Susanna Herrmann
Shot in the Dark by Harry Palacio
We Will Find A Way by Edward Supranowicz
Bang, Bang, Photo Op by Suprina Troche
Memorial Day by Jane Zich


Slow Draw by Eman Al-Zubeidi
Find Hope by Erica Blumfield