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Winning Words: A Reading with the 2023 BLR Prize Winners

Wednesday, April 19 at 7 pm

Join us as we celebrate the publication of BLR‘s 44th issue and recognize the winners of the 2023 BLR literary prizes. Step into spring with exciting new works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, plus interviews with our prizewinners by editors Scott Oglesby, Doris W. Cheng, and Abba Belgrave.

(Serious) Fun with the UnLonely Film Festival

Tuesday, May 9 at 7 pm

BLR editor Danielle Ofri will be joined by Jeremy Nobel, founder and president of the Foundation for Art and Healing, to screen three remarkable short films from the UnLonely Film Festival that explore themes of loneliness, connection, and belonging. These films are not afraid to be creative, resonant, or even hilarious. Meet the creative teams behind the films, and see how just much power can be packed into an under-10-minute-movie.

Watch Our Previous Events!

BLR Book Talk: Marie Myung-Ok Lee with Doris W. Cheng and Danielle Ofri

Marie Myung-Ok Lee—the acclaimed Korean-American writer—will join BLR editors Doris W. Cheng and Danielle Ofri for a fascinating conversation about medicine, immigration, rural America, North Korea, family, and history, and her new novel, The Evening Hero.

BLR Book Talk: Jasmine Brown in Conversation with Ashley McMullen and Danielle Ofri

Medical student Jasmine Brown‘s debut book, Twice as Hard, establishes the powerful lineage of Black women doctors. Jasmine joined BLR Board Member Ashley McMullen and editor Danielle Ofri for an insightful conversation during Black History Month .

BLR Book Talk: Sarah Ruhl in Conversation with Danielle Ofri

Acclaimed playwright and author Sarah Ruhl joins BLR editor Danielle Ofri for a special conversation about how she grappled with the paralysis of her face, life in theater, and her best-selling memoir, Smile.

A BLR Benefit: The Power of the Pen

BLR celebrated the Power of the Pen, our virtual benefit exploring how writing can transform healing.

BLR Fall Reading: Writers on Recovery

Meet the writers and editors behind BLR’s special issue on ‘Recovery,’ with brand-new fiction, nonfiction, and poetry works.

A Conversation with Edward Hirsch

BLR Poetry Editor Sarah M. Sala interviews Edward Hirsch—the celebrated poet, President of the Guggenheim Foundation, and tireless advocate for poetry. Recorded live in Brooklyn at the Center for Fiction.

Brooklyn Book Festival Bookend Event: Covid and the Creative Process

A conversation with poet Phillip B. Williams and novelist Weike Wang, with special guests, playwright Sarah Ruhl and scientist/writer Joseph Osmundson. Moderated by BLR Editor-in-Chief Danielle Ofri and BLR Assistant Fiction Editor Doris W. Cheng. A collaboration of BLR and the Brooklyn Book Festival.

Can Storytelling Prevent Gun Violence?

A conversation about the role of poetry, art and storytelling in preventing gun violence. A collaboration of BLR and the Northwell Health Center for Gun Violence Prevention 

Winning Words: A Reading with the 2022 BLR Prize Winners

A celebration of BLR’s 42nd issue. Step into spring with exciting new works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry from the winners of the 2022 BLR Literary Prizes.

BLR Book Talk: Delia Ephron in Conversation with Perri Klass

In BLR’s first-ever Book Talk event, best-selling author Delia Ephron joins BLR Board Member Perri Klass for a special conversation about her life, career, and new memoir, Left on Tenth: A Second Chance at Life.

Covid: Primary Sources

A reflection on creativity in the face of a global pandemic, from both artists and healthcare workers who experienced it firsthand. Hosted by BLR Editor-in-Chief Danielle Ofri and BLR Board Member Ashley McMullen, featuring BLR authors Benjamin KesslerShanda McManusMallika Sekhar, and Haolun Xu. Presented in collaboration with the Gold Foundation.

The Healing Power of Art – How Creativity and Beauty Help Cure the Ill

BLR Editors Danielle Ofri and Abba Belgrave, along with BLR writers Sharon Pretti and Samuel Autman, explore the power of art to help both the ill and their health providers grapple with the medical and psychological challenges of illness. A collaboration of BLR and the Harvard Business School Alumni Club of New York.

How Words Can Heal: Celebrating the Intersection of Poetry and Medicine

Former cancer biologist and author Jenny Qi, Ph.D., physician-poet Dr. David Watts, poet and translator Patrick Donnelly, and “rural hip-hop blues” poet Saleem Hue Penny read a selection of their poems and discuss the convergence of poetry and medicine in their work and lives. Moderated by BLR Poetry Editor Sarah M. Sala.

BLR@20 Celebration 

BLR has turned 20!  Featuring Jill Lepore, Abraham Verghese, Leslie Jamison, Michele Harper, Edward Hirsch and Lisa Sanders. Download the Gala Program Booklet.

Poetry & Parkinson’s

A wonderful short documentary “Hal and Minter”—featuring BLR poet Hal Sirowitz—followed by a discussion with the creative team. A collaboration with Rattapallax Films, and the World Parkinson Coalition.

Why Doctors Write: Bringing Humanity Back to Healthcare

An award-winning documentary by Ken Browne, followed by a live conversation with the director, BLR‘s editor-in-chief Danielle Ofri,  and fellow doctor-writers Rafael Campo and Jennifer Adaeze Owerekwu. To see film, please visit Ken Browne Productions.

Black in the Ivory: Writing Confronts Racism

An exploration of how writing can be a tool for confronting systemic racism in medicine. Co-hosted by BLR Nonfiction Editor Damon Tweedy, and BLR editor-in-chief Danielle Ofri. Presented in collaboration with the Gold Foundation. Featuring Michele Harper, Esther Choo, Ofole Mgbako and Kevin Gutierrez.

COVID Writing Goes Viral: How Literary and Social Media Writing Became a Lifeline during the Pandemic

A conversation with Abraham Verghese, Eric Topol and Danielle Ofri about the role of writing during the Covid pandemic. Presented in collaboration with Medscape.


Meet the director and stars of the film Hope, Norway’s Oscar entrant. A special viewing of this critically acclaimed movie exploring how illness and family intersect. Presented in collaboration with the Film Forum.

Reading the Body: Poetry, Dance & Disability

An exhilarating blend of poetry and dance, inspired by the challenges and possibilities of disability. Presented in collaboration with the Paige Fraser Foundation.

BLR Spring Celebration

A celebration of BLR’s 40th issue and the winners of the 2021 BLR Literary Prizes. Exciting new works of fiction, nonfiction and poetry, freshly picked for spring!

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