Issue 02

Issue 2


The Properties of Magic by Ray Gonzalez
The Old Man Who Combed His Hair by Ray Gonzalez
Waking The Garden by Linda Woolford
Convergence by Katheryn Kulpa
Circadian Rhythms by Adam Sexton
Fitness by Jessica Treadway
Night Nurse by Barbara Kantrowitz
The Wedding Photographer’s Assistant by Ilana Stanger
The End of the Circle by Walter Cummins


Snow Upon My Heart by Susan Bavaria
Marie: Recollections by Phyllis Gobbell
Remembering Appleman by Scott Temple
Pork by Thomas Wictor
You Know What She Means by Elizabeth Schultz
The Koto Player by Lyn Halper
Sleeping on the Perimeter by Gaynell Gavin


Above the Angels by Philip Levine
What Remains by Toby Leah Bochan
Survivor by Eamon Grennan
House Work by Eamon Grennan
Pigs Is Pigs by John Grey
Writing Poems on Antidepressants by Nikki Moustaki
The Roof Is Askew, The Sky Falls In by Renée Ashley
City Hospital, St. Louis by Sally Ball
Reverence for Life by Jack Coulehan
Woods Hole 1978 by Gerald Weissmann
In transit by Charles Bukowski
a tree, a road, a toad by Charles Bukowski
Bone by Joyce Peseroff
Ten O’clock Prayers by Kent Maynard
The Young Epileptic Off to One Side at a Die by Kent Mayard
Stroke by Celia Gilbert
Necessity by Celia Gilbert
Solstice by Teresa Cader


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Snapshots of Bellevue by Sandra Opdycke
Cover Note