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Issue 38

Issue 38 2020 Prize winners


Rivers by Yalitza Ferreras (Contest Winner)
We the Mothers by Kathi Hansen (Honorable Mention)
Dian by Dian by Richard Wu
Her Name by Taryn Bowe
The Third Story by Rebecca Wurtz
Tire World by Nancy Welch
Shrine Room by Brady Brickner-Wood
Taxi Ride by Azin Neishaboori
Home is Where by Sandra Hunter


Refugere by Nina Adel (Contest Winner)
The Empath by Stephanie C. Smith (Honorable Mention)
Conduit by River Adams


Ordinary Psalm with Near Blindness by Julia B. Levine (Contest Winner)
Do You Know Why You’re Here? by Michael Sonson (Student Winner)
House of God by Sadiqa de Meijer (Honorable Mention)
School Shooting by Adam Scheffler
Economy I: The Dark Market by Jamie L. Smith
At the Whitney, Thinking About the Trees by J. Mae Barizo
Barbie Styling Head by Robin Gow
Ode to Bad Jeans by Bern Mulvey
one thousand eggs by Aimee Herman
“Never Send…” by Vincent Casaregola
Synaptic Space by Julie Dunlop
Ballad of the Terrible Thoughts by João Luís Barreto Guimarães translated by Calvin Olsen
Papa (Bi-Polar) Bear by Lila Dlaboha
Mean Time by Susan Grimm
Eagle 1 by Moncho Alvarado
(no) warning by K.A. Freedman
stage direction by K.A. Freedman


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Book Review: Poetry Roundup, reviewed by Dante Di Stefano
Artist Statement by Martin Kline