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Issue 42

Issue 42


Step-Down by Nitin K. Ahuja (Contest Winner)
Pale Unhappy Dog by Angie Sijun Lou (Honorable Mention)
So Susceptible a Body by C.C. Reid
Avtomat Kalashnikova by Rachel Hall
François by Cécile Barlier
The Three Currencies of Dr. Kulick by Jon Cohn
Lullaby by Madeline Haze Curtis
In a Field of Unmarked Graves, All You See Is Grass by AJ Cameron
After Sloan by C.J. Hribal
Cuba Libre by Sofi Stambo


In My Head by Avra Aron (Contest Winner)
Casualty by Emily Carter (Honorable Mention)
At the Mercy Meal by Lindsay Starck
Distance by Mallika Sekhar
On the Brink by Barbara West


Drought Pastoral by Michael M. Weinstein (Contest Winner)
Six Weeks into Chemotherapy by Laura Paul Watson (Honorable Mention)
When by Judith Fox
Billable by R.J. Petteway
Ötzi by John Kneisley
On Transparency by Jessica Yuan
Instructions for performing cartwheels by Melissa J. Varnavas
brother bones by Katherine Gaffney
A Zoom Call, Before Treatment by Kan Ren Jie
How We Heal by Connemara Wadsworth
black holes by Esther Abisola Omole
Unemployment by Suzanne Manizza Roszak
Hunger by T. Le
At a Cut-Rate Florida Motel When Reading Poetry Leads to the Joyful Hell of Enlightenment by SM Stubbs
Glaucoma by Charlene Fix
Heart, open by Rachel S. Brooks


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Book Review: Poisons and Antidotes: Poems by Andrea L. Fry, reviewed by Rachel Hadas
Cover Art by Rebecca Chamberlain