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Issue 43

Issue 43



The Dry Spring by Kyle Impini
Sideshow by Andrea McLaughlin
Crosscurrents by Meredith Talusan
Birdbrain by Yen Ha
Car Wash by Arya Samuelson
Hoppy by Wes Byers
Beenie at Fourteen by Margaret Buckhanon
In the Bone by Julia Mascioli
Squirrels by Christopher Mohar
Last Stop by Daniel Pope


Mental Health Days by Sakena Jwan Washington
Beetroot Soup by Saima Afreen
A Nigerian Attempts Therapy by Ucheoma Onwutuebe
Unraveling by Carolyn Abram
1:00 a.m. Refill by Rebecca Grossman-Kahn
Subway Stories by William Walker
What Anna Ludwig Saw by Diane LeBlanc


Surviving You by Anthony Aguero
Near the Hamburger Bahnhof by Anthony Aguero
When It Smells Like Rain by Monique Ferrell
Relapse by Emily Hockaday
The Weight by Emily Hockaday
Smoke by Gaetan Sgro
How to Shield a Dark Body by Lolita Stewart-White
Speech Derapy by Stephanie Choi
Undiagnosed by Anne-Marie Thompson
A Spring Without Us by Talia Bloch
My Friend in Flapping Stages Tries to Take Flight by Rochelle Robinson-Dukes
Hair, Plaited and Tied by Tara Ballard
Self-Portrait with Moxibustion and Neuropathy by Tara Ballard
Love, We Never Get Too Far by Nicholas Yingling
April Fool’s Baby by Holly Mitchell
Teaspoons by Denise Duhamel
345.9: Epilepsy Unspecified by Carrie Purcell Kahler
Reductive Body by Nina Clements
Puberty by Edvard Munch by Kathryne David Gargano
A Peasant Woman Digging in Front of Her Cottage by Vincent van Gogh by Kathryne David Gargano


Foreword by Danielle Ofri
Book Review: White Magic by Elissa Washuta, reviewed by Monique Ferrell
Cover Art: Artist’s Statement by Lauriston Avery