Issue 44

Issue 44 - 2023 Prize Winner


In Another Life by Lara Palmqvist (Contest Winner)
Aspen by Karen K. Ford (Honorable Mention)
An Infinite Hunger by Joon Ae Haworth-Kaufka
Mushroom Death Suit by Tyriek White
Plates by Tim Raymond
Be’er Gehenna by Efrat Rapoport
Revolutions in Time by Elizabeth Lee
The Lonely Runner Conjecture by Pons Monto
Snow Over Hartford by Dan Pope
The Baby Monitor by Sara Nović


Lost Vessels by Jehanne Dubrow (Winner)
Your Cane by Sabah Parsa (Honorable Mention)
Vital Signs by Rachel Mann
Mad Love by Acamea Deadwiler
Frontline by D. Liebhart


Etymology of Chlorophyll by Caroline Harper New (Winner)
There Is No Time Here by Karan Kapoor (Honorable Mention)
Adder’s Tongue by Caroline Spooner Pittman
Oral History or, 嬤嬤’s Re-Telling by River 慧瑩 Dandelion
Weeping Pillow by Mickie Kennedy
Driving to Meadville by Kathryn Bratt-Pfotenhauer
This Week I’d Planned to Tell My Mother by Rage Hezekiah
Ambiguous Loss by Ceilidh Barlow Cash
Phototactic by Megan Merchant
After News of a Young Woman’s Death by Ellen June Wright
Flirting with Atropos by Michael J. Galko
One Day by Kwame Sound Daniels
What to Believe by Eve Hoffman
Essential by Alissa M. Barr
I Wasn’t There by Subhaga Crystal Bacon
Letter to a Dead Mother by Martha Silano
Counter-Shock by Luke Patterson
When Honey Wouldn’t Do by Rebecca Brock
in medias res by Donia Salem Harhoor


Foreword by Stacy Bodziak
Book Review: Map of Hope and Sorrow by Helen Benedict & Eyad Awwadawnan, reviewed by Peter Bricklebank