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Issue 45

Issue 45 - Taking Care

Taking Care


The Last Thing She Touched by Stephanie Isan
Relative Distance by Joy Guo
The Lamppost on Bagheri Street by Mohammad Hakima
What Is Buried Beneath by Kati Eisenhuth
Rituals by Abby Seiff
Rocket by Jason Baum
The Hardest Parts by Fernando Alvarez-Perez
Time to Go by Jim Muyres


Revisions by Eric Raymond
Beyond the Comfortable Confines of What Is Known by Jane Zich
If You Scared, Say You Scared by Sheree L. Greer
Growth Rings by Yuxin Chen
Real Talk by Stuart Holton


Chelsea by Geer Austin
For the Homeland of My Body by Richard Blanco
Chaas Curry by E. Hume Covey
In the Cardiologist’s Office by Jennifer L. Freed
Still Behind the Door by J. Nehemiah
The Practice of Cleaning by Sarah Nance
Emergency by Lucia Owen
Retirement by Linda Martin
Weight of Stillness by Simone Muench & Jackie K. White
Chronic Pain as Paperweight Hand-Blown at the Glass Factory by Lena Crown
Wolf Swallow Tiger Gulp by Michelle Xu
Snow Angel by Christina Daub
The Magnolia Beckons by Aruna Gurumurthy
We Warm Ourselves by Claire Zoghb
We Who Carry Air by Lindsey Wayland
Affirming Everydayness by Lindsey Wayland
The James Webb Telescope Detects a Heartbeat by Terry Tierney
Presence, Absence by Adam Day
Ode to Pairs by Olivia Sokolowski
When I Forget a Dose by William Fargason
A History of Melasma by Jen Karetnick
Note to the Homeowners from the Housesitter by Charlie Peck
I’ve Got Two Tickets to Iron Maiden by Charlie Peck
Cancer Poem That Wishes It Were a Nature Poem by Arielle Kaplan
Mothering is a Collective Grief by Olivia Ivings
Summer Solstice by Jehanne Dubrow
I Am Not Who I Was by Ellen Goldsmith


Foreword by Sarah M. Sala
Artist’s Statement by Tatana Kellner
Book Review: Travelers to Unimaginable Lands: Stories of Dementia, the Caregiver, and the Human Brain by Dasha Kiper and Storms of the Inland Sea: Poems of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiving, edited by Margaret Stawowy and Jim Cokas, reviewed by Jennifer Franklin