House of Endurance

She called me to pick her up, but by the time I drove to the block,/
three men in total pandemic suits were walking her out.

Before Another CT Scan

Think your lungs a forest cleared./
Your breath winged/
as if it had a better place to go

The Beauty of Music Doesn’t Have to Be Human

…Any other day/
I might give up & swallow every sound/
I could utter. Not today…


At the end, my father took four,/
long, calm breaths and died.

Worry Bone

Woke gnawing its remains.  Air/
had the brackish tinge of depths I had/
all night been swimming in.

Off The Page: The Department Store Badger

Ingeborg Riedmaier reads “The Department Store Badger,” a poem by Rachel Dragos

Blood Test

These lone fires will never die out/
the roses still stagger in the embers;

Midnight in the Alzheimer’s Suite  

Lost in the midnight stillness, my mother/ 
rises to dress and begin another/ 
chilly day. She crosses the moonlit floor. 

Off The Page: Poetry (War)

Jane Bradley and Chris Henry Coffey read four poems from BLR Issue 29,