Off The Page: The Department Store Badger

Ingeborg Riedmaier reads “The Department Store Badger,” a poem by Rachel Dragos

Blood Test

These lone fires will never die out/
the roses still stagger in the embers;

Midnight in the Alzheimer’s Suite  

Lost in the midnight stillness, my mother/ 
rises to dress and begin another/ 
chilly day. She crosses the moonlit floor. 

Off The Page: Poetry (War)

Jane Bradley and Chris Henry Coffey read four poems from BLR Issue 29,


“This restaurant has a fine ambulance.”/
What my friend, of course, must have/
meant was that this restoration/
had a fine ambience,

a tree, a road, a toad  

I order another drink and/
decide not to kill them, even/
in my imagination.


October, a woman and a boy, a tumor/
overtaking his brain, draw pictures/
in the waiting room.

Thought Experiment

Before my pupils gape oh in unison,/
I find a seat with the semi-sighted

Intimate Contact 

To straighten her spinal column/
Frida suspends nearly vertical/
with sacks of sand tied to her feet.