Off The Page

Off The Page: Issue 38 Reading

BLR Editor Danielle Ofri hosts the “Off the Page” reading for Issue 38

Off The Page: The Tapeworm

Amy V. Blakemore reads from her prize-wining essay, “The Tapeworm” from BLR Issue 40.

Off The Page: Tattoos

Galen Schram reads from his prize-wining story, “Tattoos” from BLR Issue 40.

Off The Page: Never the Less

Saleem Hue Penny reads his prize-wining poem, “Never the Less” from BLR Issue 40.

Off The Page: Covid Writing Goes Viral

A conversation with Abraham Verghese, Eric Topol & Danielle Ofri about how literary & social media writing became a lifeline during the pandemic.

Off The Page: Why Doctors Write

An award-winning documentary about finding humanity in medicine.

Off The Page: Black in the Ivory

An exploration of how writing exploration of how writing can–or cannot–confront racism in academia and healthcare.

Off The Page: The Department Store Badger

Ingeborg Riedmaier reads “The Department Store Badger,” a poem by Rachel Dragos

Off The Page: Poetry (War)

Jane Bradley and Chris Henry Coffey read four poems from BLR Issue 29,