Artist Statement

Issue 45 Artist Statement

After many decades of working primarily in installation and artists’ books, I returned to painting. The directness of painting has allowed me to delve into the subject with more truth and immediacy, concentrating on the emotional relationships between humans and their environment, and how we take care of each other.

Issue 43 Artist Statement

The cover art for this issue of BLR was created in response to my recovery from addiction….

Issue 40 Artist Statement

Matthew Weinstein: The Conversation comes out of a continuing series of works featuring ikebana arrangements.

Issue 33 Artist Statement

BLR features the photography of father and son artists Paul Caponigro and John Paul Caponigro

Issue 34 Artist Statement

Seth Resnick: My photographs are a journey into the personal energy of each subject

ISSUE 38 Artist Statement

Martin Kline: In the studio, the hammock is a readymade object and the blank white canvas is a form of tabula rasa on which to project.

Issue 37 Artist Statement

Will Cotton’s utopian landscape paintings are composed of sugary desserts which are painted from sets that Cotton, an accomplished pastry chef, constructs in the studio.

Issue 39 Artist Statement

Laura Ferguson: My drawings form a visual autobiography: drawing as storytelling, without the need for words