Cover Note

Issue 42 Cover Note

Rebecca Chamberlain Homatorium Series, Aalto, Public-Private Lithography ink on fabric wrapped board 5×10 inches –…

Issue 3 Cover Note

General George Washington took the first oath of office in Federal Hall, against this railing, in 1789.

Issue 41 Cover Note

“Round and Round” by Johnathan Allen

Issue 14 Cover Note

Southfield Ferry, c. 1912

Issue 13 Cover Note

Occupational Therapy, c. 1952

Issue 10 Cover Note

Substitute Mothers Program, c. 1960

Issue 12 Cover Note 

Bellevue staff in Vichy, France, c. 1918

Issue 8 Cover Note 

Newborn Nursery, Bellevue Hospital, c. 1915

Issue 6 Cover Note 

Nurse on Parade, Fifth Avenue, c. 1942