Reading Guides

Reading Guide: Mental Illness

Are the mechanisms of mental illness distinct unto themselves? Or are they, at times, merely a broader expression of our complex personalities?

Reading Guide: Environment

Even as the world is becoming more aware of our impact on the environment, we often tend to downplay or even ignore the consequences of environmental degradation.

Reading Guide: Multiculturalism

These writings provide a way to discuss and dissect the complexities of multiculturalism, as it exists both within a medical context and within our lives in a broader sense

Reading Guide: Memory

From Marcel Proust to Oliver Sacks, memory has been both a muse and a source of endless literary and scientific inquiry.

Reading Guide: Infectious Disease

Plagues and Pens: Writers Examine Infectious Disease From Boccaccio’s Decameron to Tony Kushner’s Angels in…

Reading Guide: Disability

Delving into both humanistic and medical perspectives of disability, the writings presented here attempt to confront stereotypes by addressing, explaining, and embracing disability.

Reading Guide: Aging

Perhaps because it is the common fate of humanity, the themes of aging and the passage of time have captured the imagination of writers from William Shakespeare to Grace Paley.

Reading Guide: Medical Humanities Part 2, Conflict