Off The Page

Off The Page: Why Doctors Write

An award-winning documentary about finding humanity in medicine.

Off The Page: Black in the Ivory

An exploration of how writing exploration of how writing can–or cannot–confront racism in academia and healthcare.

Off The Page: The Department Store Badger

Ingeborg Riedmaier reads “The Department Store Badger,” a poem by Rachel Dragos

Off The Page: Poetry (War)

Jane Bradley and Chris Henry Coffey read four poems from BLR Issue 29,

Off The Page: Et Tu?

Jinn S. Kim reads “Et Tu?” a story by Cambron Henderson

Off The Page: Our Psychedelic Minibreak

Erin Cherry reads “Our Psychedelic Minibreak,” a story by Sunny Teich

Off The Page: The Emperor of Blue Stone

Erin Cherry reads “The Emperor of Blue Stone,” a story by Frances Park

Off The Page: Call Ladies

Daniel Pearce reads “Call Ladies,” a story by MK Malik

Off The Page: Luggage

Jason Schneiderman reads “Luggage,” a poem by Ted Kooser