Learning New Words

one of the benefits of the disease –/
you learn new words. You/
also learn new meanings for/
old words.


like light is/
like my speckled skin: brim/
and brink. verge.

if i die at thirty five

there will be/
no burial burn/
the body cancer/

The Christmas Patient

Blood draws dissolve into Christmas lights/
veins dizzy with the latest medications.

In the British Library Repository  

The other man holds the letters/ 
to his nose, inhaling deeply/
One letter after another he lifts and smells

Off The Page: Eating Disorder

Ingeborg Riedmaier reads “Eating Disorder” a poem by Jana-Lee Germaine

School Shooting

After today’s rain/
all that’s left/
of the planets/
green and pink

In the Hospital 

In the hospital there was time/
to read to dream to act/
to read Freud’s dream book on his couch


Your left-behind clothes still occupy closets and/
clotheslines in the basement. She refuses to/
donate them away,